House Wash

Currently operating in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty regions, our  house washing service is ideal for both domestic and commercial buildings. Using a specialised biodegradable softwash product, we can effectively wash your house without harming your plants or pets.

This system removes all mould, grime and cobwebs.

Water Restriction Note: Frogs House Washing LTD is exempt from Water Restrictions.

Frogs offers a complete house and exterior washing service including window and house washing – please read more about our roof washing, path and driveway washing.

House Wash – We  wash softly by hand on low pressure




House Wash - washed softly by hand on low pressure From $198.00 + GST


House Wash - washed softly by hand on low pressure

From $248.00 + GST


House Wash washed softly by hand on low pressure From $298.00 + GST
House washing franchise opportunities nationwide
If you’re dreaming of running your own business, a Frogs Management Ltd franchise could offer the perfect solution. We can offer our franchisees comprehensive training, ongoing support and marketing to ensure their success.
Our house washing franchise opportunities start at just $49,000 – please click here to download more information about our franchising opportunities or just contact us with your enquiries.
We provide a range of home maintenance services
Frogs can also offer roof washing, gutter cleaning, path and driveway washing, pest control, auto valet and car sales in the Bay of Plenty region. To find out more or enquire about franchising, please give us a call.


Roof Washing

Professional roof wash services in New Zealand


Paths and Driveways

Frogs can provide path and driveway cleaning for your home